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About us


Who We Are

All good ideas start with a problem - ours was how to make riding safer and more enjoyable.  Safety is a concern for all riders - but how do you stay safe while also adding more to your ride without causing a distraction?  Our mission is to add more SOUL to riding by creating a better experience by allowing for SAFER riding, providing SAFER communications, and allowing for SAFER music listening.  Our seamlessly-integrated intelligent riding helmets and accessories means that with every pedal stroke you will have a more SOULFUL riding experience that gives you the freedom to focus on the experience while enjoying the latest in in-helmet communications and safety.   

Helping our users make the most out of their riding time - 318 Helmets is focused on creating smart bike helmets that are more than a helmet - rather an experience. Whether you are concerned about safety or like to rock out to your favorite tunes while riding, or talking to teammates or tracking your fitness or even taking challenges - 318 Helmet has you covered.  With hands free connectivity through your self phone and an easy-to-use bluetooth remote controller you can take control of whatever is it that makes you keep on going.


Our MARS safety retention system is the pinnacle of our efforts and it will save lives.  This removable safety retention system means you are no longer tied to one helmet, you can take your safety wherever you go and is backed up 18 safety certifications worldwide. Four years of research, customer feedback and testing have yielded the ultimate safety retention system.  MARS is set to redefine what safety in bike helmets means and that safety is one less thing between you and maximizing your pedal time.   

We believe anyone can be an a cyclist, our riders come to us from all kinds of backgrounds, different levels of fitness and experience levels. 318 Helmets and accessories are designed for everyone to use regardless of skill level. We could tell you a whole lot more but nothing is better than experiencing a ride with 318 Helmet for yourself. Our community is calling you, so come ride with us....and take a journey. Find your more SOULFUL riding experience. 318 Helmet invites you to start your own adventure or as we say here, “Keep On Going.”

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